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About Us

About TrisatTrisat Communications Limited was founded in 2003 when her Directors observed that existing telecommunication providers, ICT infrastructures, and telecommunication training specialists were failing to respect the most important factor governing the long- term success of any business - First Rate Customer Service.

Our executive team has crafted a dynamic corporate culture that emphasizes people as the essential corporate asset, and world-class technical alliances as the foundation for long term business growth.


Trisat Vision Statement

We Build, We Train, We Manage ICT Infrastructure in every sector of the economy by ensuring that individuals are digital literate by the year 2020.

Corporate Philosophy

  • Respect for the Law Trisat is determined to comply with the letter and spirit of the law - locally and internationally, and to be fair and transparent in all its dealings.
  • Respect for Customers Trisat conducts intensive product research and forward-looking development activities to create new value for its customers.
  • Respect for Employees Trisat encourages the inventiveness and other abilities of its employees. It seeks to create a climate of cooperation, so that employees and the Company can realize their full potential.


Values that enforce our philosophy

  • Encouraging Professional Excellence: We develop our strengths, thoughts and act responsibly.
  • Welcoming New Challenges: Unbound by convention, we embrace the new challenges of creation.
  • Customer First: We forge partnership with our customers and strive to exceed their expectations.
  • Encouraging Teamwork: We recognize the human networth of each individual and collaborate to achieve goals.
  • Global Perspective: Learning from the best, we aim at improving the best.

Trisat is the leading indigenous IT training firm in Nigeria offering comprehensive IT training for both corporate, private, and government establishments in Nigeria, West Africa and Africa. Our trainings are designed to give you practical solutions to your IT needs. We provide high technical training from computer fundamentals to office productivity and enterprise technologies from Oracle, Sun, Cisco, Microsoft, Mikrotik, etc. We also Develop and Deploy enterprise software solution in Nigeria, design websites, ecommerce solutions. We plan, design and build Networking solutions such as IP Telephony, Virtual Private Networks(VPN), Video Conferencing, Internet access connectivity for corporate, private, and government establishments in Nigeria. We are the best when it comes to IT Training in Nigeria, Enterprise Networking Solutions in Nigeria, Design of Websites and Web applications for our clients in Nigeria. etc.