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Sep 05

6 Ways to Make Money Online

    Everyday we hear people complain about not getting jobs. Some people say, ‘I graduated 5 years ago, yet no job. Government is not providing jobs, companies are not hiring. “I’ve applied to several banks, oil and gas companies, construction companies, and even churches and yet they turned me down…”. Complaints upon complaints! Fela …

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Jun 19

6 Facebook Privacy & Security Tips you Should Never Ignore

There are many people, just like me, who after the day’s work, visit their Facebook page. It’s one of those ways I ease off the stress of the day. On the average, I spend about 30 minutes on Facebook each day.  However, there are persons who visit Facebook more frequently and spend more hours per …

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May 25

10 Tips to protect your Computer from viruses

Protecting your computer is a number one concern for every computer user on earth. I doubt if there’s anyone that wants to have their computer crash due to a virus invasion. Here are 10 ways to protect your computer from viruses and keep your files and data safe. 1. Learn about viruses The first thing …

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May 15

Windows Won’t Boot – What Can I do?

  What will YOU do when Windows Wont Boot? I’m sure that you like myself, use your computer for many different reasons such as: listening to music, watching movies, checking email, working and more. When Windows won’t boot, it seems as your entire life flashes in front of your eyes! I have combined six of …

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Apr 24

10 Tips on How to Speed up your Computer

Now tell me: How do you feel when you have a pressing task to complete and your computer just doesn’t seem to understand that you are under pressure?  Have you noticed how frustrating it gets when you have a slow computer? Some people get frustrated to the point of doing something drastic! Some go as …

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