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Savings on your Blackberry Subscription – Email Forwarding

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Now, tell me. Were you as excited as I was when blackberry service providers in Nigeria announced a reduction in the rate for blackberry subscription? I tell you, I was overjoyed! On one network, subscribers enjoyed as much as 53% discount on Blackberry subscription, while some others enjoyed about 50%. But sadly enough, some of the providers did not disclose to us that the ‘freebie’ had limitations. One of which is that you can have only one email account configured on your device.

With this, some persons said, ‘Well, I want access to all my email accounts, and if I can’t have that with the reduced tariff, then I will continue paying the full subscription’. Some others said, ‘I want to cut down on my expenses. I don’t mind having one email account; I can access my other emails at work’

However, there’s a way to get around this! You can have access to all your emails even with the least blackberry subscription plan. The secret is: Email Forwarding.


Email forwarding involves passing email along from one address to another. So with email forwarding, you can converge all your emails to deliver to one account.


For instance, I have about 3 different email accounts: my corporate email account, a gmail account, and a yahoo mail account. Since my corporate email is more important to me, I configured it on my blackberry device. Then on my Gmail (Email settings), I specified that for all mails sent to my Gmail, a copy should be sent to my corporate email account.

Afterwards, I went to my yahoo mail options. But I discovered that the Email forwarding feature was available only to individuals on Yahoo Mail Plus. Since I was operating the Free Basic version, I had to upgrade to Yahoo Mail Plus. To do this I paid an annual fee of $20 only. Then I specified that, for every mail sent to my yahoo account, a copy should be forwarded to my corporate email.

I started receiving all my emails from all three mail accounts. Everything seemed fine, but then,  I had a big challenge!

Junk emails sent to my public mailboxes also hit my corporate email. So I had to figure a way to rectify the issue. I used the Email Filter feature on Gmail and Yahoo Mail. That way, I specified some criteria for the emails I want forwarded to my corporate email.  That solved it. Only emails that matched the specified criteria were forwarded. With this feature, I stopped my email accounts from forwarding junk/spam or non- work-related emails to my corporate email account.

That done, I save on my BB subscription, while enjoying the benefits of a full subscription!

For step-by-step guide on how to set email forwarding:

On Gmail: Click here

On Yahoo mail: Click here



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Njumoke Abiola-Oseni is the Executive Director, Training and Business Intelligence at Trisat Communications Ltd. She holds a Bachelors Degree(B.Tech) in Computer Engineering with ICT Certifications such as Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Project Management, MikroTik Certified Network Associate (MTCNA), and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). She currently administers all Trisat training engagements and consults for SMBs on Business Intelligence such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS), Messaging Systems and Call Center Solutions and Customised Software Application. Njumoke Abiola-Oseni is a Co-Founder of Trisat Communications Ltd.