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About TrisatAs we enter the intangible economy, in which a company’s value is more and more reliant on intangible assets, such as collaboration; knowledge, engagement, and time; business will be more and more reliant on IT. Organizations that excel at managing IT investments can increase their advantage in these areas to the detriment of their competition.

At Trisat, we perfectly understand the critical role a solid IT infrastructure can play in enhancing the profitability and productivity of your company. As such, the company is well positioned to provide the kind of value added services that you can rarely find elsewhere.



Trisat has helped a number of organizations overcome industrial age management techniques to maximize the benefits provided by their IT investments.

Clients have reported

• an increased understanding and transparency of costs, risks, and benefits resulting in better management decisions

• higher return on investments visible in increased ROCE

• decreased number of project failures

• reduced costs

• decreased risk and avoidance of high-impact failure

• increased communication between IT and the rest of the business whom it serves.

Our Services

Database Solutions

Realize the power of information in your organization.

Through SQL server database technology coupled with Active Server Pages, Trisat brings the database population and data mining to the user desktop. Trisat will transform your current storage database into a data engine for commerce....More

Microsoft Solutions

Trisat has highly accredited consultants capable of delivering the wide range of Microsoft solutions, including Microsoft Windows Servers Ranging from Windows 3.1 to Windows 2008 Server, Active Directory (AD) Design and Planning, SharePoint Portal Server,Exchange Server Design and Implementation, and SQL Server...More

Cisco Infrastructure Solution

At Trisat, we pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with our clients to review, design and build complex and secure Cisco Networks. We provide worldwide Cisco CCIE Consultancy Services, Cisco Training Courses & Workshops, Cisco Instructors, Network Security Audits and Penetration Testing. ...More

Trisat is the leading indigenous IT training firm in Nigeria offering comprehensive IT training for both corporate, private, and government establishments in Nigeria, West Africa and Africa. Our trainings are designed to give you practical solutions to your IT needs. We provide high technical training from computer fundamentals to office productivity and enterprise technologies from Oracle, Sun, Cisco, Microsoft, Mikrotik, etc. We also Develop and Deploy enterprise software solution in Nigeria, design websites, ecommerce solutions. We plan, design and build Networking solutions such as IP Telephony, Virtual Private Networks(VPN), Video Conferencing, Internet access connectivity for corporate, private, and government establishments in Nigeria. We are the best when it comes to IT Training in Nigeria, Enterprise Networking Solutions in Nigeria, Design of Websites and Web applications for our clients in Nigeria. etc.